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Toto téma je zamknuto, nemůžete zde přidávat odpovědi ani upravovat své příspěvky! DDR Munchkins - Hotove karty
DDR Munchkins - Hotove karty
Cloud DDR portal

Založen: 14.03.2005
Příspěvky: 2916
Bydliště: Praha Prosek
Tak tady mame krasny novy topic na hotove karetni navrhy.

- Takze prosim piste (editujte) vsechny vase karty do jednoho postu a rozdelte si ho podle kategorii.
- kategorie - characters , songs/monsters , equipment, zbytek (udalosti a spol.)
- Diky za spolupraci:)
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Cloud DDR portal

Založen: 14.03.2005
Příspěvky: 2916
Bydliště: Praha Prosek

Sheila the Wolf Master
- Even a Big Giant Silent Wolf obeys her commands. If she beats a Wolf or any song with wolf in title. She can use it as a sidekick for 2 rounds.
- Has +1 because she attack with claws and +3 against the Wolfes because she attacks with claws.
- Ultimate Bonus
- If Sheila's holder is Sheila, once per game, she can take a Wolf card from anywhere (door/item deck or discard) and play it.

Pulda the Card Master
- He can shuffle the cards as noone can. He is also a skilled MTG player.
- +3 to maximum hand size. He can hold them well.
- Ultimate Bonus
- If Pulda's holder is Pulda, once per two rounds he can use the "atract card" ability. He choose a player with two or more cards. The card holder says a name of one of his cards. If Pulda chooses the same one it become a part of his hand.

Trin the Pad Builder
- Ultimate trin-pad builder. He knows every piece of them so the +5 bonus is well-deserved.
- He have +2 to every battle he engadges, because his hands are "a litte bit" tought.
- On the other side his maximum hand size is -2, we don't want an overpowered cards.
- Ultimate Bonus
- If Trin's holder is Trin, twice per game. The can search the Treasure card deck and take trin-pad to his hand.

Molik the Great
- Nobody knows how, she can do too much by herself. Has +2 maximum hand size.
- If Molik is in play. Nobody can use Cheat! card.
- Ultimate bonus
- if Molik's holder is Molik, she has priviledge to ALWAYS choose first (like card tributing etc.)

Xsoft the Groove HaXer
- ddr.pocitac.com ya ? ITG hax ya ? If he uses a HAX card, he gets double bonus.
- Can use and encounter Keyboard cards with +1 bonus
- Ultimate bonus
- If Xsoft's holder is Xsoft, nebody other than him can win unless they reach lvl 11.


Big Giant Silent Wolf lvl 12
- Why is a Wolf in DDR munchkins ? I don't know, ask Sheila.
- bad stuff: he asks you to play with him. So you lose your pad and level.

Maxx Period lvl 10
- Why do you need Konami orig...blah blah. Too difficult to be DDR,
- your hand bonus doesn't count, this is just a feet job.
bad stuff: you get pwned, as for many times. Take your gloves (if you have them) and put them into discard. And of course, lose a level.

1,2,3,4,007 lvl 0
- an introduction to ddr, you can't possibly die.
bad stuff: You can't even look at yourself. You will commit a ritual suicide. Or not ? Ask the entity which sit's to your right.

The Legendary Max 300 - lvl 10
I don't know why, but i've heard this so many times a i need nobody to help me. (no help in this battle)
<max 300 banner>
bad stuff: The MAX have overcomed you once again. You have to amuse him and sing the liric of MAX or be killed and never be a good player again.

Mighty MAX 300 Stealth AAA Yasu lvl 20
If you have beaten MAX 300, he laught at your score and your lvl are equal to one in this battle.
Yasu can't believe to get beaten by such a noob. You can stand up and shout: "I have beaten the MIGHTY MAX 300 STEALTH AAA YASU LVL 20". Every time he encouters any player again. He challenges you again with lvl + 10
bad stuff: "You are a noob", he says and you feel ashamed you lose 2 levels. The next time you'll encounter him again, he is lvl - 10.

Classical dance instructor lvl. 8
- Why can't be MAX 300 enroled in classical dances ? She won't fight with you if you don't have a proper dress (necktie, dance boots or proper dance dress)
bad stuff: Let's twist again...she dance with you all night so you won't play your next turn


The Legendary... Item 500 credits
- on ordinary legendary thing. +5 to anything. Yes to anything.

Signed by Kyle Ward Enhancment
- oh god, you love him...+1 to battle...For the Kyyyle !

The original Positive Gaming only ©®™ Cobalt Flux
- Don't worry, we have all rights reserved right S'Tsung ? Bonus +5 to every battle because everything looks so easy now.
- Double players are in advantage like hell. If they manage to use two Cobalt Flux simultaneousy, they have +2 extra bonus and automaticaly win every double songs
- revenge time, if somebody asks you why Cobalt Flux is so good, you must tell him why (once per game:))

Small clumsy celofan soft pad
- Which company can produce this ? Noobs only. "Bonus" -2 to every battle
- If you win a battle with this good-for-nothing pad, you can laught and taky one extra treasure a one extra card from door cards.


Single Style
- such common thing to do, not only a style. It's a way of life. You got +2 if you encounter song/monster in battle.
- if you have a pad you got an extra +1

Couple Style
- Why shoud i always dance alone ? If somebody helps you in combat, both of you gets +2 to your level and all of your pad disadvantages affect your helper too.

Double Style
- you never understand them. They have +5 if encounters more then one song/character in one battle.
- can use two pads as one with both andvantages and disadvanteges or one pad just with his advantages.

The "I have a gun" Style
- No, i am not joking. Dancing with gun is stylish and fun, but nobody gets close to you. You are allways playing your battles alone but with +4 bonus.
- If you have a pad, you have an extra +2 bonus. If you don't have it, subtract 1 from your dice roll.

Tip-Toe Style
- If Lil'Q uses it. I will do too. You must have a footgear to use this style.
- Subtract 2 from your dice rolls if you encounter song/character with lvl. less than 8.
- Add 5 to your dice rolls if you encounter song/character with lvl. more than 10.

SingStar Style
- Some singstar during DDR is fun, but not for your opponents. Subtract 2 from your opponents roll.
- If you have a microfone or other SingStar equipment you have a extra +2 bonus.


Whooo...That's me!
- Looks like somebody have your character and cant use the Ultimate Bonus...take the card and bow to the right player's holy feet.

No this is not a Karaoke
- We hail only to the great Singstar. Sing something from Singstar Original for ten seconds and then take a treasure.

- We know that you can pass it. If you want to. Any player gets +3 to level if battles with song

Czech DDR fee
- How can you even exist if you aren't in Czech DDR ? Resistence is futile. Pay 300 credits in items and taky a top card from the Door cards deck. If any from Czech DDR leaders in play, this card is a trap! and you won't take the card.

The "official" Edit
- we love these edits, or not. +2 or -2 to a song.

-Yes this card is long, handle with it. Roll a dice.
-1-Take a treasure card.
-2-Look at somebody's hand and take a non-treasure card
-3-Look at somebody's hand and take a treasure card
-4-Fight with the first monster in the door deck
-5-Fight with the first monster in the door deck without help
-6-Go up a level you lucky one.
-7-How can i roll a seven ? Go up a level and a treasure.


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Deirh DDR portal

Založen: 20.03.2006
Příspěvky: 487
Bydliště: Fala Core, Entertainment District
Tak mi to take nedalo. Omluvte snizenou kvalitu obrazu, tablet je na ceste Cool

Naposledy upravil Deirh dne čt, 19.říjen 2006, 14:18, celkově upraveno 1 krát.
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Sheila DDR portal

Založen: 12.04.2005
Příspěvky: 787
Bydliště: Praha 5

<moc sipek na jedny hromade>
Your opponent is confused. You can take one of his items (in play) into your hand.


Everything is easier now!
+2 against songs

You have a net, you can catch more arrows!
+3 in combat
+5 against songs
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DDR Munchkins - Hotove karty
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