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ITG pro PC - nove stepcharty
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Založen: 25.07.2004
Příspěvky: 4714
Bydliště: Praha, Hostomice
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I was able to play the new doubles stepcharts and songs today from ITG PC, and thought I'd create this thread to post feedback concerning them, and also to inform those who haven't seen/played the new stuff. Also, if I missed any, let me know. Also, to give context, I'm 5'10", and I usually play at 450-500 bpm with the bar.

Boogie Down [Expert 9 -> Expert 9]: This is quite a change; now, the song starts with two sets of three 16th notes, which was really unexpected. I wasn't a big fan of the hands, especially at this speed. (Freeze on 2U 2D, three eighth note hands on 1R 2L 1R, then another similar one) Other than that, I guess galloping around on the pad is alright, but it didn't excite me that much. Neither did the original steps, though, so whatever.

Bouff [Expert 10 -> Expert 11]: Well... I really didn't like the original chart and its jumps. This new one isn't that easy, either. Lots of 16ths, sometimes in form of 1R 2L 1D or something like that. Less jumps and no hand makes it more simple, although the 16th notes keep it difficult. It's a decent change, although it was kind of tough as a sightread. I'm glad it was changed.

Bubble Dancer [Expert 9 new]: It's fairly simple, and seems like an autogeneration of the single steps. I enjoyed it, but it's nothing complicated. I liked elements of the original Doubles Hard more than this, actually.

Changes [Expert 8 new]: I didn't play this. I would assume this is fairly simple if it's an 8. This isn't to put down the song or chart or anything; I just got wrapped up in playing other stuff and forgot.

Crazy [Expert 10 new]: Unless Reactor, One False Move, and others are becoming an 11, I would suggest changing this to a 9. It is far too easy. I was able to consistently get 1-2 excellents on this song after a few tries, and scores on doubles 10's shouldn't be that high (or, they have not been to this point). To describe it to others, it's essentially Reactor or Renaissance without 16ths and at 135 bpm, and with absolutely nothing complicated. Also, the part with 1L, 2R, 1L, 2R is too easy as quarter notes, and kind of predictable. Of course, I actually really enjoy playing this, after criticizing it so much. It'd be a good 9.

Delirium [Expert 11 -> Expert 11]: I liked the changes. Not all the jumps are gone, but they've been simplified. However, lots of long 16th streams have been added. The one that went 2D 2U 2D 2U .... 2D 2U 2R 2U 2R ... was a little difficult. Turning around on the right upper-corner of the pad is odd. Also, the fact that the speedup is 326 bpm makes this a real pain to handle the first few notes after the middle. I guess I'll have to memorize it. As a whole, though, I suppose I like the changes, but I didn't have a real problem with the original steps. The hands in this song are basic enough.

Disconnected Zeo [Expert 10 new]: It's similar to Disconnected Disco, except easier in most parts. However, some of it is not. Such as, 1U/1D freeze->1R/2L freeze->2U/2D freeze. I can't play leapfrog! The 1U/2U freeze->1R/2L freeze or whatever it is is kind of a pain, although if I start with hands on up, I guess it works. It's fun, although it requires a lot of precision with how to hold freezes, and knowing to keep your hands on the arrows.

DJ Party [Expert 9 new]: Nothing too notable here. A decent number of mines were used to try to keep things relatively difficult, although they weren't too difficult to avoid. It's a new expert chart, so I'll take it.

Esperanza [Expert 11 new]: I really enjoyed this. The 12 hands are relatively simple, so no need to worry about those. The 16th streams are fairly basic, rather comparable to those in Temple of Boom, although there are more of them. I liked the sections with gallops where it's 1R 2U 1D 2L and stuff like that. Relatively easy to FA for a doubles 11.

Frozen Fire [Expert 11 new]: This was difficult. Lots of 16ths, but thankfully the slowdown is easier than singles, and no 24ths in the 160 bpm part. The part where it's 2L 1R 1U as three 16ths, with a mine on 1R immediately afterwards, and then repeated, is quite difficult. Still, I like the challenge. For whatever reason, I compare this to Bloodrush, although perhaps that's not really appropriate. I like skipping around on the pad with the 16ths.

Hardcore of the North [Expert 11 -> Expert 12]: Oh, boy. Originally, this was an interesting, technical chart. Now, it's singles steps on two pads, with a few notes missing. I believe it's 830-some steps. There's one part with a kind of nasty crossover that I wasn't expecting. But... after thinking about it, this is fine. It's a decent 12, and people are going to score on it similarly to other doubles 12's, probably. I had some trouble hitting the 24ths, but I think I just have a mental block with a few things. It's not as tiring as the 13s, but it's harder than most 11's. So, it fits.

Mythology [Expert 10 -> Expert 10]: Effectively, they just made this a lot easier. The end on the old chart was a series of difficult short streams with crossovers and stuff, I think. Now, the end is just a long and simple 16th stream. I'm not really impressed. The rest of it is fairly similar to the single steps and probably the original ones. Damien had a pretty good comment on the changes, but I can't post it here. I suppose it's just gone from a hard 10 to an easy 10.

No1 Nation [Expert 10 -> gone]: Well, of course it's gone. But it's still one of my favorite doubles charts. Thank goodness it's still on ITG2.

Pick Me Up And Tango [Expert 9 new]: It's a simple 9. It shows that the new stepchart designers like using mines to make us move our feet quickly. Other than that, it's fairly simple eighth streams and similar to the Single Hard charts, although with a few sets of 3 16ths and without the 24ths.

Tell [Expert 11 -> Expert 10]: Personally, I really liked the original chart, but apparently I'm in the minority. To be imprecise, I find the new chart stretchy. 1U 2U 1U 16th sets are not all that fun to me. Also, lots of 8th notes going across the pad. Still, on the second try, I was able to do fairly well, after figuring out how to position myself and move correctly, also for whatever reason I somewhat lost the sync on the second play. The first three notes after the first pause are a little difficult to hit accurately because of the mines. This is fairly simple, but it's nothing bad.

That's all I've got. My request would be that Roxor could upload .edit files with all the new stepcharts. It'd make it a lot easier to play these songs at the arcade.

Pro kutili jeden link:
You can get the ITG/ITG2 new/replacement double edits here:
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tagze co se meho nazoru na nove stepcharty tyce tak predelane HARD stepcharty nemusim - do vetsiny songu akorat narvali tunu crossoveru a nezda ze by to byla vetsi fun... nove experty sem zatim moc nezkousej, a co sem zkousel to sem netapkal Sad
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ITG pro PC - nove stepcharty
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