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Zaslat odpověď Pump It Up NX Ultimate
Pump It Up NX Ultimate
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Založen: 23.10.2005
Příspěvky: 368
Bydliště: Brno
Nejak sa nam s tymi PIUckami roztrholo vrece. Bol oznameny nasledovnyk PIU: NX Absolute a jeho pracovny nazov je PIU: NX Ultimate. Nieco malo informacii tu:

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xsoft DDR portal

Založen: 25.07.2004
Příspěvky: 4714
Bydliště: Praha, Hostomice

Andamiro have (finally) confirmed the next Pump mix's existence.

With much anticipation, Andamiro will be releasing a new software update, FIESTA for Pump It Up in March 2010 that features 260 songs, the largest collection in the history of Pump. Twice more songs than the current software and return of popular Pump original songs.

• FIESTA is the latest software to upgrade Pump It Up (SX, DX, GX, and FX) games that are in the field. FIESTA features 2 new modes:
o Music Train Mode: Select your favorite songs to play one after another, each in less than a minute length
o Quest World: Play Pump even more versatile ways than WORLDMAX.

• FIESTA strengthened the intermediate steps for the Pump Lovers (Mania) and newly improved easy steps for the beginners.
• Players may select VERSUS MODE in FIESTA
• FIESTA separated interface to better accommodate general players & the Pump Lovers (Mania) from the start.
• User can play one’s custom made steps by using USB.
• FIESTA is compatible with both personal USB & Pump USB.

Andamiro is attending AAMA / AMOA 2010 in Las Vegas from March 10-12, 2010. Please find us and come to our booth#1123 to experience our games.
FIESTA will be ready to be shipped from 2nd week of March, 2010.
Contact your local distributor to upgrade your Pump It Up to FIESTA. For assistance please call Satinder Bhutani at (310) 767-5800 ext. 102 / 310-525-1818 or e-mail: satinb@andamirousa.com

A partial songlist, care of much info from Pump Haven and sudocho from their forums, follows after the break:

PIU Originals
Yahpp - Sorceress Elise [Remix of Beethoven's For Elise, the boss song of the mix]
Yahpp - X-Tree
msgoon - Betrayer -The act.2-
BanYa Production - Arirang
BanYa Production - Get Up (And Go) [Get Up Remake]
BanYa Production - Hello William [William Tell classical remix]
BanYa Production - Pumping Jumping [Pump Jump Remake]
BanYa Production - Tek Club Copenhagen
BanYa Production - Turkey March Minimal Tunes [Turkey March Remake]
BanYa Production - Xenesis [Dvorak's New World Symphony classical remix]

2NE1 - Fire
Baby V.O.X - By Chance
Drunken Tiger - Good Life
Drunken Tiger - Superfine
Dynamic Duo - Exciting
KARA - Wanna
Koyote - Innocent
Lexy - To The Sky
Max - U Got 2 Know
Mugadang - Enjoy! Enjoy!
Now - Big Beat
Roo'ra - The Angel Who Lost Wings
Turbo - Twist King

Other Korean licenses
Doin - Vacuum
SHK - Destination [yes, the SHK from O2Jam, with a new song for Pump It Up]

Energy Present - 80's Pop [one of the three new Pop Channel songs]
Panda - Narcisista por Excelencia
LTJ X-Perience - No Rhyme Nor Reason

Remix: msgoon - History: We Are the Zest
Remix: BanYa Production - Set Me Up2 Mix [Dance With Me + Set Me Up]
Remix: BanYa Production - PaPa HelloIzing [Papa Gonzales + Hello + Blazing]
Full Song: Vassline - Dawn of the Apocalypse

CONFIRMED REVIVALS (incomplete list):

BanYa - Betrayer
BanYa - Blazing
BanYa - Chicken Wing
BanYa - Close Your Eyes
BanYa - Csikos Post
BanYa - Dance With Me
BanYa - D Gang
BanYa - Emperor
BanYa - First Love
BanYa - Freestyle
BanYa - Hello
BanYa - Maria
BanYa - Miss's Story
BanYa - Nightmare
BanYa - My Way
BanYa - Oy Oy Oy
BanYa - Oh! Rosa
BanYa - Papa Gonzales
BanYa - Pump Jump
BanYa - Pump Me Amadeus
BanYa - Pumping Up
BanYa - Rolling Christmas
BanYa - Set Me Up
BanYa - Till the End of Time
Cho PD - My Friend
Epik High - Fly
Novasonic - Hatred
Novasonic - Run!
Novasonic - Empire of the Sun
Sechskies - Mobius Strip

Confirmed removals:
Fin.K.L - Forever Love
Taiji Boys - Come Back Home
N.Ex.T. - Lazenca, Save Us
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Srandista DDR portal

Založen: 23.10.2005
Příspěvky: 368
Bydliště: Brno
Reklama z RePlay magazinu.

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Pump It Up NX Ultimate
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